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Paralayang Batu Malang

Paralayang Tourist Place is located not far from Pujon, and very close to Coban Rondo waterfall tour that we can also visit to travel there.. Adjacent to Batu Paragliding Town location there are also other tours, none other than Omah Kayu or if interpreted in Indonesia is a "Rumah Kayu"/wooden house, which is the home of all building materials made of wood and is in the tree, its size. 

Jatim Park 1, 2, 3, Batu Malang

Jatim Park is a tourist attraction with a concept that combines a compatible policy and tourism education where you can play and learn all at once in one place and time. Greet you with a loaded vehicle will Khasanah education science and technology in early passage, thus sending you on a vehicle–a vehicle that will increasingly present firmament knowledge for anyone who came to visit. Starting from the Carving Gallery Pavilion Ethnic Festival and East Javathat will take you to the passage of time, moving from one place to another in the archipelago and the vagaries of surfing culture in Indonesia.

Batu Night Spectacular

Batu Night Spectacular (BNS) is a tourhouse located in Batu City, East Java. BNS only operates at night. BNS combines the concept of shopping centers, games, sports, and entertainment in it. BNS has a multimedia display arena with a 50 meter long screen that is claimed to be the longest in Indonesia.

Coban Rondo Waterfall

Coban Rondo is located in Pujon District, Malang, East Java. The journey from Malang to Coban Rondo takes about one and a half hours. You can either use car or shuttle bus to get to this tourist spot. Stunned. That is probably the first thing you will feel when you reach Coban Rondo waterfall. The swift flow of water from the very top to the bottom was very fast. The waterfall is about 84 meters tall. Besides enjoying the beautiful view of the waterfall, you can also take pictures at several beautiful photo spots. One of the great photo spots is inside a boat made from wooden rattan with a view of Coban Rondo behind it. 

Museum Angkut

The main attraction of this museum is a collection of various historical cars and vehicles from past to present. There are several sets of themes are available to take pictures, such as Batavia, Europe (Buckingham) and American (Hollywood, Las Vegas, Broadway).


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